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When guild leaders go bad

September 5, 2007

gesthalok9.jpgOkay this is a ninja loot.

I’ve never wanted to go out in a small forgettable way, so I decided to do something big, and perhaps somewhat irrational and stupid. But it was worth it!

I’d like to contribute to Barthilas what I would hope to be a very entertaining video which pretty much describes what this server is about: heart-pounding adrenaline, and the “do anything” attitude laced with much humour.

And he frapsed the whole thing!!


I call shennanigans

June 15, 2007

So Casey is in Australia?

On a one-way ticket using an ETA.

Don’t buy it. You can’t enter the country on a tourist visa on a one-way ticket.

"lol Nigel"

May 11, 2007

Casey Serin – An Alternate Take


The pompous twit has finally turned.

It started as a trainwreck…

April 24, 2007

Sometimes irony, is just too ironic.

I first found Casey Serin and his dreadful plea for sanity, via the (RIP) old trainwrecks site.

I loved the trainwrecks site, it gave me a quick link to the weird, the awful, and every now and then the wonderful. (Whirlygurl I think you rock, but hey you want to stay private). Trainwrecks disappears thanks to the hidesous Heaven Nose. No links for that site, as it appears to be written by a total psycho, WHO MAKES NO FREAKING SENSE WHATSOEVER. (more…)