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Looking for Paul

November 26, 2007

If nothing else, this election has given some vintage Paul Keating quotes.

Paul Keating says Tony Abbott is a “young fogey” and has compared Malcolm Turnbull to a firecracker – a “bit of fizz but then nothing”.

I do miss him so.


Dear Ninemsn

September 14, 2007

Your Bulletin feed is total rubbish.

You are attempting to set up your Election Blogs to be some sort of on the spot commentary.  When your feeds don’t work the bloggers will get tired of you.  Who the hell has time to actually visit a web page when you have over 500 web pages in your reader?

Make it easy for people to read you, and if the content is good enough they will read you.  If you want the blog to engage people, make the content good enough or stirring enough for them to want to comment – if you make it good enough they will click.

Don’t bloody expect me to click on your goddamn web page every freaking day to see substandard writing.  Sigh, lucky for you, you employed Jack Marx.  Damn you, now I have to click to see what he said and how many people he pissed off.

Jack’s back.

September 13, 2007

Turns out The Bulletin is smarter than the SMH. Although online readers of The Bulletin would appear to take themselves waaaay too seriously.

Beautifully written Jack, although apparently you need to include <irony> tags to get the-ever-so-self-important-bulletin readers to understand your points.

I am disappointed that I have to put the whole Bulletin election (bolloxy) coverage into my reader, rather than just have Jack’s articles appear in my reader.  Sigh.

I am above the law.

July 3, 2007

cheater Every time I see an example of these kinds of powers used, I remind myself how little I understand American Law. They talk about democracy, actually have a republic, and behave like a monarchy?

No way the English Queen would override a court decision like that.

Or am I missing something?

Don’t be Hatin’

June 29, 2007


Whatever you do don’t say the H word. Apparently it’s not nice.

“Mr Howard said hate is a strong word and should not be used flippantly…… The people who use that language have got the problem, not the object of that language.”

It is indeed a strong word.

So are terror, terrorist, “national emergency”, overboard, work-choices, WMD, sorry, reconciliation..

The internet is for porn

June 29, 2007

This describes beautifully everything that is wrong with so so much of the media and their politician slaves.

I sometimes worry that politicians care too much about these tabloid fulminations, when the editors don’t really mean to be serious, and don’t really have a moral position. If they did, we would all be obliged to investigate the private lives of tabloid editors, to see whether they could really pass judgment on the rest of us.

It’s an op-ed piece written for the Telegraph. Why are we so happy to have faceless editors tell us what we should be alarmed about, and be our moral barometers?  Why are politicians so happy to let the media set the standards? Why are we so busy judging people?

Lies, damn lies and economics?

June 29, 2007

Club Troppo post asking if we can handle the truth.

Can we? Don’t the lies start from birth? Are we content to let other people decide? Apparently we are.

Maybe I am misunderstanding but I think he is saying that we are all motivated by money, except for those deciding for us? So people who are lying to us aren’t motivated by money? The journalists and politicians can apparently handle the truth, but the rest of us are too motivated by money to be able to make the right choice? Umm by the same argument they are motivated to lie to us to gain some economic advantage. Or am I being overly sensitive?


Doing Something

June 27, 2007


From Crikey 27/6/2007:

Long-serving Sydney political journalist Alex Mitchell writes:

This is the last throw of the dice for John Howard. He is doing one big favour for the mining industry which he has faithfully served in public life for the past 30 years by rolling back Aboriginal ownership of their tribal lands. Cynically, cruelly but utterly predictably, he’s doing it under the hypocritical colours of humanitarianism. (Very similar to the invasion and occupation of Iraq sold as “spreading democracy”). In his four terms as PM, he has starved indigenous health, education and housing of funds, abolished ATSIC and pointedly marginalised the (more…)

The Mad Abbot strikes again

January 2, 2007
Dismay over anti-abortion ‘bias’ – National –

Can he even spell “conflict of interest”?

When the hell did this country start ignoring this rubbish?

Three chords and the truth?

November 7, 2006

U2 lead singer and human rights activist Bono wants to talk with Prime Minister John Howard about boosting Australia’s aid to poor countries.

The Irish rock star, whose band opens its Australian tour in Brisbane tonight, said wealthy countries should donate more of their GDP (gross domestic product) to help combat global poverty, particularly in Africa.

But he said he wouldn’t meet with Mr Howard if he wasn’t serious about the issue.


Don’t get me wrong, rah rah Bono’s causes and all that. But last time I checked he was a pop star…. Feel free to give your money, but really. Does this mean heads of state should clear diary time when Oasis come to town? How about the winner of Australian Idol?