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How stupid do you have to be?

October 15, 2007

This started out a very different post. It originally started life as a post about a stupid pally. Unfortunately it turned into a post about a short term decision by someone I trusted to do better.

First, the pally:

So we had this pally in our guild whom we tolerated for a long while. About the only person in the whole guild that we did tolerate. We tolerated him for a number of reasons:

1. He was a healer. Not as good a healer as he thought he was, but more often than not his healing assignment lived. Mostly. (more…)


When guild leaders go bad

September 5, 2007

gesthalok9.jpgOkay this is a ninja loot.

I’ve never wanted to go out in a small forgettable way, so I decided to do something big, and perhaps somewhat irrational and stupid. But it was worth it!

I’d like to contribute to Barthilas what I would hope to be a very entertaining video which pretty much describes what this server is about: heart-pounding adrenaline, and the “do anything” attitude laced with much humour.

And he frapsed the whole thing!!

I think I am getting less snarky.

July 16, 2007

I actually resisted posting a snippy remark.

Terrible terrible mage/priest got caught out by an officer in our old guild using the bot to afk in Alterac Valley – he got kicked out of the guild. Temporarily kicked out of course, as the other officers all pointed out that most of the officers and many of the long time members have used less than stellar methods of gaining reputation, gold, accounts and items. (Why do I even check those boards still? Oh right trainwreck entertainment when the weekly dramafest unfolds). Anyhow, a week or so after his temporary kicking he “retires” from the game with this post: (more…)