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Dear Ninemsn

September 14, 2007

Your Bulletin feed is total rubbish.

You are attempting to set up your Election Blogs to be some sort of on the spot commentary.  When your feeds don’t work the bloggers will get tired of you.  Who the hell has time to actually visit a web page when you have over 500 web pages in your reader?

Make it easy for people to read you, and if the content is good enough they will read you.  If you want the blog to engage people, make the content good enough or stirring enough for them to want to comment – if you make it good enough they will click.

Don’t bloody expect me to click on your goddamn web page every freaking day to see substandard writing.  Sigh, lucky for you, you employed Jack Marx.  Damn you, now I have to click to see what he said and how many people he pissed off.


Jack’s back.

September 13, 2007

Turns out The Bulletin is smarter than the SMH. Although online readers of The Bulletin would appear to take themselves waaaay too seriously.

Beautifully written Jack, although apparently you need to include <irony> tags to get the-ever-so-self-important-bulletin readers to understand your points.

I am disappointed that I have to put the whole Bulletin election (bolloxy) coverage into my reader, rather than just have Jack’s articles appear in my reader.  Sigh.

Dear Sydney Morning Herald.

August 21, 2007

Fuck you, you morons.

Seriously are you insane?

One of the best writers around.

Jack Marx, thank you, for your beautiful writing.  Don’t stay away for too long.

John Howard: P.M. Possibly the best political c…

June 9, 2004

John Howard: P.M.

Possibly the best political commentary on the web.