WoW what were you drinking last night?

One of the better stunts I’ve seen:

Well, for about the past week, I haven’t been playing, due to the fact my hard drive decided to shoot itself in the face. When my comp originally started to falter, I couldn’t even run WIndows, so in the remote chance someone had hacked my computer, I called a friend and had him change my password for me.

I get a call last night when I’m installing Windows on this new hard drive from another friend in guild – “Dude, why’d you leave the guild last night?” Needless to say, at first I freaked out… then I realized the dolts I have in my guild, and wanted to see what kind of stunt they pulled on me.

Finally get WoW up and running this morning. And to my “suprise”, log in to find Milkasaurus standing on a random platform in the middle of the Twisting Nether (way south of Netherstorm).

To see the names of the bodies next to me (it must have taken quite a while to get them there – man, you guys have too much free time), I just popped up my new guild info.

Good laughs were had by all.


Until I realized I didn’t have a mount and my hearthstone was gone.



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