Malicious or Incompetent?

I am trying to decide if I work with people who are malicious or incompetent. On days when I am in a good mood, I like to think they are just completely incompetent. On days where it becomes apparent that I haven’t been told about information that prevents me from actually doing my job, I start to assume malicious.

Why would you deliberately prevent someone from helping you do your own job? Can they possibly be THAT self absorbed? How is that possible in a seemingly functioning adult?

Either way it is painfully obvious I am not emotionally equipped to be surrounded by people who are either malicious and/or incompetent. Perhaps the problem is that they are a combination of both? I thought for a while that there was a third choice, malicious, incompetent or self-absorbed. I realised, however, that being self-absorbed is just a reason for either incompetence or maliciousness and should be excluded from the behavioural spectrum.

So which is it bitches? Are you malicous or incompetent?


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