It will probably get deleted

I seriously wonder about the intelligence of the general population.

Someone is complaining to Blizzard that gold sellers ripped them off $45. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.

To Whom it May Concern at Blizzard,
Hello, my name is XXXX XXXX and I have been playing World Of Warcraft for about seven months. I love it – I have always been a fan of RPG’s – however my computer always limited me to console games. When I finally purchased a computer that could handle online gaming I immeadiately searched for an online RPG of epic status. Choosing WoW was an easy decision – it was the largest and best produced and the free trial sucked me right in – I was hooked!
Roughly two months in to the experience I decided to look into buying gold on the internet – having just seen a website advertised on an ingame chat channel. When I reached the site I was impressed by how professional it looked – in fact the graphics are the same used on the official WoW website – and placed an order. The order arrived at my ingame mail in no time and I went on my way.

On July 1st I decided to buy gold again – and proceeded to place orders at two websites totaling 45 dollars all together. When three days passed and I had recieved no gold – I contacted the sites via their live chat option. The operators at both sites told me to keep waiting and check my ingame mail again. After two weeks of this same thing – no gold and the site reps telling me to wait and keep checking mail – I became quite concerned. After briefly searching the WoW website it became quite clear to me that buying gold on the internet was in fact prohibited by Blizzard and that most likely my gold order had been deleted.
I was taken by surprise – I did not know until this point that this activity was prohibited – it certainly does not say so in the text of the sites that sell the gold. I am not going to dispute the reasoning why – it was quickly apparent to me in the explanations given on the WoW website – and I now agree that yes it should be prohibited. However – I am out 45 dollars of my money – I am 30 years old and the money I spend is my own hard earned money – I dont make alot and to me 45 dollars counts.

So at this point the two websites I ordered gold from have assured me they sent the gold – and have basically told me too bad if Blizzard deleted the mail. I can not take any further action against these sites as I now know they are based in China and will not even provide a phone number when asked. As I have already stated I am aware of Blizzard’s policy reagrding the sale of gold – but I must ask you this – Is it fair to punish your customer, who pays you 19.99 a month just to play your game, because he was lured unknowingly into prohibited actions by salacious and misleading internet vendors.
I am prompted to write this email because – so unfortunately – the experience of playing WoW has changed for me; what was a magical and exciting release at the end of a hard day has now become embittered. All because of this most regretable experience – of course I now understand that buying gold is prohibited – but I wish I had known before I spent that 45 dollars – I surely wouldnt have done it. I cant help but feel taken adavantage of – and no one likes to feel like that.
Blizzard vehemently opposes the sale of ingame gold – and takes steps to combat such activity. Likewise the gold vendors take many steps to lure the player into availing of their services.No doubt the side of Blizzard is the just one – as I now see clearly – the integrity of the ingame experience must be protected from potentially unsettling influence of profitteers. A suggestion I might make is this – don’t let the customer, the average player who pays to play and whose interest and involvement keeps WoW alive – dont let us become the casualties of this war.
Blizzard has obviously identified deleting gold in game as a method of combating the practice of selling gold – which in fact bothers the gold seller not at all and hurts the supposd buyer greatly. It certainly deters the player from buying gold again – but at what cost? Personally I can tell you it has changed my WoW experience all together – and considering how much I play and how much I used to enjoy it – that sucks! I would have benefited from a simple one-time warning . . . if you can find and delete the offending mail surely you can find a way to warn a player before you cost them real money.
So I hope this letter potentially finds its’ way infront of someone at Blizzard who cares about the average Joe – and our not so fat wallet – and causes some reconsideration of your tactics in your just fight against the sale of in game gold. Why not brodcast warnings on the same in game chat channels that the vendors advertise on? Why not pursue your fight against the vendors themselves more aggresively and leave the player out of it – I can’t help but think that Blizzard must have made enough money by now to afford the best of legal teams. You could start by suing for copyright infringement – as I stated earlier the websites in question use your own graphic art designs on their websites to make themselves seem affilited with WoW.
Anyway – I will continue to play WoW – how could I not? But this experience will always stay with me – I will always think about that 45 dollars. It is too bad that such a small amount to yourselves and the gold vendors I did business with – is such a big deal to me who can do nothing about it but look at the hole in my pocket.


There is a recurring trend of non-responsibility. Hey it’s not MY fault I did something wrong, SOMEONE else was supposed to tell me it is wrong. Seriously, it’s these stupid morons that get their accounts hacked and then go around spreading keyloggers near and wide.


5 Responses to “It will probably get deleted”

  1. Torcie Says:

    And it has been deleted. Wonder how his account fared?

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