I think I am getting less snarky.

I actually resisted posting a snippy remark.

Terrible terrible mage/priest got caught out by an officer in our old guild using the bot to afk in Alterac Valley – he got kicked out of the guild. Temporarily kicked out of course, as the other officers all pointed out that most of the officers and many of the long time members have used less than stellar methods of gaining reputation, gold, accounts and items. (Why do I even check those boards still? Oh right trainwreck entertainment when the weekly dramafest unfolds). Anyhow, a week or so after his temporary kicking he “retires” from the game with this post:

Hey all, who i know anyways.. Im leaving the game, getting sick of grinding.. Rep grind, which entails instance grinds, then heroic instance grinds, Honor grind, arena grind.. Why cant they make a game where it doesnt take 100 hours to get somewhere? I know, im weak! but im all ground out.. I did the grind in everquest for 10 years.. did the grind in this game for 3ish? Im just gonna hit a fresh game to me and play casually while relishing in the boulstering activities in my daily life AKA my 2 kids.. Was nice getting to know some of you ‘again’.. And nah, this time its for good good.. Ya’ll have a good one!

The thing is I went and checked his reputation. Except for the Alterac Valley rep THAT HE FREAKING CHEATED TO GET he hasn’t actually ground out any rep at all. In 3 years. No rep attained, except that which is botted. The rep on his current ‘main’:



He hasn’t even STARTED the rep grind.

What he should have written was:

Hey sup. Im quitting the guild cus you busted me and I cant cheat anymore. Rep grind, which entails instance grinds, knowing how to play my class, then heroic instance grinds, which non of y’all will invite me to cus I suck. Honor grind, which is hard now that you know I cheat, and I heard that lol blizzard are banning some people. Like omg thatsunfair blizzard are such sell outs they are just in the for the money. If only I didnt suck then I would have been invited to an arena team. Perhaps if I was a more helpful guildee I would be able to get other people to join my team. Why doesn’t blizzard just make a game where with one button push I am the winner of the whole world. I know, im weak! I botted in everquest for 10 years.. cheated in this game for 3ish? Im just gonna transfger to a fresh server where noone knows me and cheat again. I will justify this to myself and people around me by saying that Blizzard sucks and doesn’t cater to casual players. By the way I really do have a life outside of the internet, did I menetion I am married to supermodel and earn over $200k per year. And nah, this time its for good good – I transferred to a pve server so I can’t come back.


2 Responses to “I think I am getting less snarky.”

  1. runejack Says:


  2. Torcie Says:

    I failed.

    I caved in and posted him a link to progress quest.

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