Very Modern Flint-stone.

In today’s Crikey they let that ridiculously irrelevant David Flint offer his opinion of why bias in the media is good. Although it seems that the bias is only good as long as it is not (gasp) left bias. He can’t resist having any dig at the left that he possibly can :

And radio offers a wide diversity of views. True, presenters from the left (eg Mike Carlton) tend to rate poorly compared with their direct competition, but that is listener choice.

Is this the same listener ‘choice’ that caused your poor friend Alan to have to give up his ridiculous 3 minute editorial on the Today show? Flint concocts a vast left conspiracy to remove Alan from the Today show that oddly enough has Mike Carlton at the centre of the conspiracy.

Really David, could it have not been that fact that the Today show is losing viewers in the thousands, and paying an irrelevant Sydney radio host to give his irrelevant opinion to people who aren’t watching was a commercial decision?

Why are people letting this man run around and fawn all over Alan Jones and bad mouth any of poor ‘ole Alan’s opponents? He is completely transparent and I don’t know why people continue to give him a platform. His brief article is neither timely nor relevant to any current discussion, save for Alan’s recent sacking at Channel Nine.

I am sure there is a flurry of letter writing occurring between Alan and David, but please, don’t subject the rest of us to the detail of your unrequited love.


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