Lies, damn lies and economics?

Club Troppo post asking if we can handle the truth.

Can we? Don’t the lies start from birth? Are we content to let other people decide? Apparently we are.

Maybe I am misunderstanding but I think he is saying that we are all motivated by money, except for those deciding for us? So people who are lying to us aren’t motivated by money? The journalists and politicians can apparently handle the truth, but the rest of us are too motivated by money to be able to make the right choice? Umm by the same argument they are motivated to lie to us to gain some economic advantage. Or am I being overly sensitive?

I can’t subscribe to the economists argument that we are all motivated by money – not sure how that explains the motivations of a paedophile, if you give him enough money he’ll stop doing it?

We teach children to lie at an early age we even make shit up to create a sense of innocence: Father Christmas delivers presents to those children who have been good, and the Easter Bunny will supply endless amounts of sugar as long as you also behave appropriately; we make up cute name for genitalia rather than use the word penis and vagina and heaven forbid the 2 year old points out to Great-Aunt May that ‘you’re old and smell funny’. Kids learn from a young age that it is not right to tell the truth.

Imagine a world where all tell the truth all the time. Everyone.


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