He’s missing the point

From Tobold’s blog:

Hating the people you play with

Fact is that whether it is 5-man groups or raids, somebody making a mistake or having an accident can easily wipe the whole group. ….. if enough of those incidents happen, it doesn’t exactly evoke love towards your fellow players. Some groups or raids simply end in failure, or even don’t get started at all, and you leave you cursing and fuming about the others.

…many guilds have formal or informal rules that kick people out, or at least not give them raiding spots, for various “crimes”. I’ve read one guild web site where going on holiday for 3 weeks (as I will in 10 days) is enough for getting your kicked out of the guild, even if you announce it beforehand….But the most serious consequence of other people being able to ruin your fun in a group is that it often results in people preferring to play solo. … But the degree of friendship you feel towards your fellow players has diminished, leading to phenomena like the Kleenex guild, disposable at any moment…..I think that game design of new MMORPGs should be tuned in a way as to make players not despise each other so much, but see them as allies. … Multiplayer games shouldn’t teach us to hate the people we play with. Not just because that “isn’t nice”, but for the simple business reason that people pay longer for games where their friends are.

Whilst I appreciate Tobold has a strong following in the MMO blogosphere, he gets so much wrong so often I have to wonder if he enjoys playing games at all, or has spent any time on the internet, ever. At the risk of sounding trite, multiplayer games don’t teach us to hate people, people teach us to hate people. It’s always the same people who are ‘accident prone’ in the game. Always the same ones who have to go AFK real fast and leave from 4-24 other people standing around while they do something else. It’s the morons he keeps grouping with he should be mad at, not the game developers. No game designer can make people like you, or make you like other people.

He seems to have especially bad luck at choosing guilds or friends inside WoW. You start to hate people in the game, when you lose interest in the game. When you love the game you will put up with a hell of a lot more than when you begin to tire of it.

Game design can’t compensate for stpupid people.


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