Some links to the world savers

Some places around where some different thoughts on the whole carbon credit fiasco:

New Internationalists – a bit too left for the latte lefties, but raises some valid points:

Rather than stop the flow of oil, coal and gas, the offset industry tells us that we can continue as normal. We can drive as much as want, fly as much as we want, and eat our non-organic Coldplay mangoes in the Canadian winter. We need not reduce; in fact we can now consume our way out of the problem. Now we can buy offsets on top of our Caribbean holiday and thus ‘neutralize’ our impacts. It is a seductive argument.

Australian Conservation Foundation – Appropriately left enough and has the popular stance on carbon credits.

One of the other suggestions gaining popularity is going ‘carbon neutral’. The basic idea is that you pay someone else to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions you cause.

Hancock Watch– As far as I can work out they don’t want any logging done anywhere and are most hysterical about the Hancock company and about forests being planted for carbon credits and then dug up? I am pretty sure this is an anti logging site – but does have some good links to other sites. Try to ignore the hysterical photos of dead and bloodied wildlife.

Government definitions – well we can’t solve the problem until we define what the problem is – plenty of jargon and meaningless words. Also we won’t be able to say who’s fault it isn’t until we have roles and responsibilites properly misunderstood.

CarbonPlanet – umm. Pay close attention to the pretty graphic, which as far as I can tell is just another way to pay for something else you don’t need.

Live Earth – find out how much of a carbon footprint you make!! All the popstars are doing it so it must be a cool cause right?

Investment Opportunity aka get rich quick off the environmental woes. – Probably masterminded by Casey Serin.

Climate Positive Help the boy cross the river with the whole world on his shoulders! (Could they be less obvious?)


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