Bastard of the year award

What an asshole.This poor woman has NO OTHER OPTION YOU FREAKS.

The 35-year-old Evans’ bid for a baby began in 2000 when she and
Johnston sought fertility treatment at a clinic in Bath, southwest
England. During an examination she was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous
condition of her ovaries.

Prior to the surgical removal of her
ovaries, she and Johnston had IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and six
embryos were created in 2001. They were later frozen and put into

Yuh blah blah blah man’s rights to financial freedom. How about give her sole custody of her fertilised eggs. He loved her enough to have a baby with her and now he’s changed his mind?

Just because the baby isn’t born yet, he had every intention of fathering her children. He can’t change his mind now.


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