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Does the whole world need to grow up?

January 19, 2007

So apparently it’s myspace’s fault that people are stupid?

The lawyers who filed the latest lawsuits said the plaintiffs include a 15-year-old girl from Texas who was lured to a meeting, drugged and assaulted in 2006 by an adult MySpace user, who is currently serving a 10-year sentence in Texas after pleading guilty to sexual assault.

Last June, the mother of a 14-year-old who says the youth was sexually assaulted by a 19-year-old user sued MySpace and News Corp., seeking $US30 million in damages. That lawsuit, pending in a Texas state court, claims the 19-year-old lied about being a senior in high school to gain her trust and phone number.

So apparently people lie on the internet? Wow?

And the parents don’t feel any responsibility in letting their 14 year old wander off to meet a complete stranger?

So if she had have met him via friends would they sue the friends? Did they arrange to meet over the phone are they gonna sue their phone company?



It’s so horrid I can’t look away

January 5, 2007

By the way.. out of about a thousand people who received the email I only got one person somewhat interested. I’m surprised more people are not willing to put their money to work at 24%. Maybe because people don’t understand they can be private lenders on real estate.

Good lord!!!

This guy is not just out for his two minutes of internet fame. He’s a crook!!

Give me your money, even though I’ve lost all mine and I’ll pay it back. Promise. No really, I will.

How stupid do you need to be

January 5, 2007
This guy is so stupid, arrogant and self centred he might just be the role model for his generation.

It’s so, so awful, yet I just can’t look away.

They just don’t get it

January 3, 2007
digg – Americans Aren’t Fat Because They Lack Willpower-It’s Because They’re Broke

Sigh, performancing broke my post.

1. She’s right

2. The diggers just don’t get it.

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Owing Your Parents

January 3, 2007

When I was about 11 or so, I had a teacher ask the class a question.

“Who thinks they owe their parents a lot?”

He was one of those rare teachers who used to actually get us to think. Thanks again Mr. Fraser you were indeed an inspiration and I often wonder what you are doing now. Hopefully inspiring more kids to think for themselves. He often used to ask these kinds of questions and we all knew the drill – raise your hand for yes and do nothing for no. I was sitting at the front of the class and sat there without raising my hand.

I couldn’t see the rest of the class.

I turned around.

Every other person had their hand raised. Except me.

To my credit I didn’t raise my hand to go along with everyone else. He started asking people why they had their hand up. “They’ve given me everything I have, I owe them a lot” “They’ve fed me, clothed me, bought me things, I owe them a lot” “They buy me everything I want, I owe them a lot”.

Over and over in the same theme. “…I owe them a lot”. I was only 11, but I was really confused. “Owing someone something” implies a debt. It implies a debt that can be paid off. It implies that it is quantifiable and at some point said debt will be repaid and I imagine at that point you can sit back and say ‘Yep I sure paid back my parents for everything they did for me, I’m done here time to move onto Nanna and Pop”

I was thinking to myself I don’t OWE them. They’re my parents. It’s their job to feed me, clothe me, buy me stuff, love me, teach me, chastise me, show me. Only it’s not a job, THEY’RE MY PARENTS. You can’t repay that, it’s done. It’s kind of an unconditional thing. Just because I don’t feel a sense of debt, does that make me ungrateful? Or was every other kid in my class suffering from some sort of conditional love kind of deal?

I wasn’t aware of every other kid in the class and their particular relationship with their mum or dad. One girl – L – was arguing quite viciously that she owed her parents “a lot”. She seemed particularly passionate about it. I remember feeling perturbed that she felt so strongly that she owed her parents so much.

I’d spent a lot of time at her house and had seen her relationship with her mum and dad first hand. L always got a lot of Easter Eggs, went to the Royal Show every year and got every single show bag there was to get, Christmas was completely over the top. She always had the latest, and most fashionable of everything. We played in the same basketball team. My Dad was the coach. Every single training session, L got a lift with us. Every single game, L got a lift with us. Her mum would come and watch the finals, but regular games she got a ride with us.

But she owed her parents ‘a lot’.

The thing is, at that age, I thought her parents were shitty. L and her sister seemed to have to fend for themselves a lot. They were always getting fed at our house, they went home to an empty house after school and for the most part, her mum and dad were always out doing other things.

“Mum needs time to do things for herself”
“Don’t make too much noise, Dad’s trying to read his new books”

Fast forward 20 or so years and her mum that she owed so much to abandoned L and her sister to their own devices once L hit 19. By abandoned I mean, went to another country to be with her new boyfriend. L’s relationship with her Dad was completely destroyed by her Mum as her Dad was The Bad Guy in the divorce. Truth be told I thought during my late teens that L’s mum was going to turn out to be a lesbian she espoused that much hatred for men and bullshit feminist rhetoric. If a 16 year old can pick up that she was reading too much feminist rhetoric, that woman must have been one bitter twisted bitch.

“Mum’s going through a tough time right now”

So here L is in her mid 30’s. One fucked up relationship after another, desperate to find “the one”. Every guy she picked was unavailable, either emotionally or physically. A string of on again off again relationships.

“John would commit, but things are just stressful at work right now”

“He’s still living with his old girlfriend, but they’re not together anymore”

Yeah, right.

So I guess in a way she does owe her parents. Not sure how you repay that kind of thing though.

I’ll happily continue to not owe my parents anything. And they’ll happily continue to be there.

Thanks Mum, thanks Dad.

The Mad Abbot strikes again

January 2, 2007
Dismay over anti-abortion ‘bias’ – National –

Can he even spell “conflict of interest”?

When the hell did this country start ignoring this rubbish?