And the country will sit back and vote them in again.

“The ABC has told the stars of it’s high-rating show The Glass House that this will be their last season.

The national broadcaster gave no reason for the decision to axe the comedy show, which has been at the centre of a storm over allegations of anti-Howard Government bias.”

The Age has best beware, before you know it they will be accused of being pro-anti Howard media reports. Given they will probably end up in the hands of Rupert or Packer I guess there is not a lot of chance that they would be able to continue any pro-anti-Howard sentiment.

The thing that is most disconcerting is “a day after Liberal NSW senator Connie Fierravanti-Wells said co-host Corrine Grant had been guilty of a serious conflict of interest because she was the public face of the ACTU’s workplace relations campaign”. She’s an actor, is she to make editorial decisions on what work she will and won’t take based on her politics?


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