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Push to ban ‘offensive’ TV shows – TV & Radio – Entertainment –

August 17, 2005

Ms Draper said that once the minister had a reserve power to pull programs from the air, it would encourage broadcasters to better observe the code of practice.

“We don’t have that power now, but once we do have that ability, the self-regulators on commercial free-to-air will certainly be examining the code a lot more closely so that they don’t end up getting their programs yanked from the air.

“I am concerned about children in Australia, quite frankly, and in my electorate, and there are at least 20 of us in the parliamentary party who will be pushing for this.”

Uh? Who the hell voted for Helen Coonan’s morality view of the world? Australia you got the government you deserve.


President stirs debate with evolution remark – World –

August 4, 2005

A debate between scientists and religious conservatives has escalated after the US President, George Bush, said the theory of intelligent design should be taught with evolution in public schools.

The President said both theories ought to be properly taught “so people can understand what the debate is about”.

Erm….. this is like a new dark age.

Telstra boss runs foul of Howard on criticism – Business – Business –

August 4, 2005

Oh the irony.

Telstra would not be allowed to play “regulatory roulette” with future services to the bush, Senator Coonan said as the Federal Government’s battle with the company intensified.

Hang on a minute, the government is battling an entity of which it owns 51%? Are we to assume that the final sell off of Telstra will be a good thing? They can’t have it both ways – enforcing regulations on a private entity to ensure that the rural area is taken care of. This is exactly why these services need to be public. Infrastructure 101 morons!