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US takes offence at cartoon stamp – World –

July 2, 2005

Gee the US wouldn’t be feeling guilty about what it used to do with these kind of images? The US should worry about it’s own internal policies without trying to dictate to a FOREIGN government what it should depict on it’s stamps.


Row grows in late-term abortion case – National –

July 2, 2005

The man is an idiot.

Iranian president linked with US Embassy siege – World –

July 1, 2005

So what if he was?

Last time I checked George W. doesn’t get to decide who is president of Iran.

Oh wait, who am I kidding?

Is Julian McGauran Insane?

July 1, 2005

He is known as the anti-abortionist senator. Great claim to fame, given that the abortion debate was allegedly settled over 30 years ago. Not only does he gain access to personal medical records by dubious means, he also has an interesting take on foreign affairs.

In arguing for the Iraqi war – he disparages the French:

Today, without American intelligence and military backup, the war on terror could not be fought, and we would all be engulfed in its horror. The United States have spent a century protecting and saving the world from tyranny. This alliance is in Australia’s best interests and should not be picked apart by irrational anti-Americanism—in particular by the French, whose anti-Americanism is nothing more than a political attempt to set themselves up as an alternative power. But we should not be too hard on the French because they cannot help it. They are inherently treacherous. After all, they betrayed to the stake Joan of Arc—one of their greatest—and they have not changed since 1441. Joan of Arc, who liberated France, they betrayed. So this is not a black day for Australia, as described by the leader of the Labor Party; this is a great day for the war on terror.

Speech to parliament March 2003

Inherently treacherous????

Hmm a look around his website shows he isn’t exactly the most prolific of speech makers. Half a dozen speeches are linked on his website and media releases (covering important topics such as flags for schools)aimed squarely at his electorate are about it.

I am surprised there is not a link to the treacherous French blaming them for starting the war on terror.