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Less than 12 weeks to go

April 27, 2005

Lilypie Baby Birthday

And don’t I feel every bit of those 28 weeks. What the hell did I do to deserve getting morning sickness back in the third trimester?



It might have swung poll: Labor – National –

April 9, 2005

No Kim, it is NOT the fault of the AEC, it is the fault of the Labor party for not dealing with the issue of interest rates properly. Any well informed fool knew Johnny was stretching the truth. Seems the fools running the campaign weren’t well informed.

Reserve feared it was used as election pawn – National –

April 8, 2005

The media are so outraged by the lies of the government that they shove this into a small story. Just goes to show the inadequacy of the Latham campaign, that they didn’t seize on the unease of the Reserve Bank.

Hmm John Howard makes the Reserve Bank nervous, yet the public are happy to elect him again.