Things that are not good about being pregnant:

1. Giving up smoking

2. Limiting coffee

3. Baby brain – I am not a moron, yet it is taking me 5 goes to get a print range right.

4. Heartburn

5. Requiring a nap in the afternoon

6. Feeling sick for no apparent reason

7. Only being able to take panadol for a headache

8. Forgetfulness

9. Heartburn

10. Being shitty for no apparent reason, although this could be due to the lack of cigs and coffee.


2 Responses to “Things that are not good about being pregnant:”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I found your blog via the website.

    Secondly, yah you for knowing what’s right and wrong for your baby – my wife went through the same things when she got pregnant. She gave up smoking beforehand, was taking iron supplements, eating fruit and vegetables, cut down on caffeine (which was really hard for her – she was a >6 cups a day person), did the whole bit. When she did become pregnant, she didn’t have a fun time of it at all – she had to go on acid blockers and, like you, could only take panadol (which even that she was loathe to do) for any pain. We did end up with a beautiful baby boy in February this year though – I keep telling her that she “growed him good” 🙂

    All the best with your pregnancy, I hope the good things outweigh the bad!

    Jamie C.

  2. Torcie Says:

    Thanks for your kind words Jamie – yep we are still only early days, and both of us are really excited, and KNOW it will be all worth it in the end.

    Just these bleh days are rather less than fun.

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