US warning to Labor on spy secrets – National – ww…

US warning to Labor on spy secrets – National –

Sorry, but this is totally outrageous. Since when does the US govt get to influence policy in Australia? Will we see another Whitlam effort after we pulled troops out of Vietnam?

But I don’t think you can pick like an a la carte menu – ‘I like the intelligence sharing but I don’t like to talk about global policies’, or ‘I’d like a strategic relationship but I don’t want to be involved with the economic’,” Mr Armitage said on the ABC’s Lateline program.

Sorry Mr. Armitage but you CAN pick and choose what you want to do. Last time I checked we weren’t a US territory and we were permitted to develop our own policy. Johnny might feel all tough with his big buddies sticking up for him and telling the world how Mark Latham is a bad boy who won’t play along, but I honestly don’t think this is going to play out well with the Australian Electorate. Surely Johnny is smart enough to realise this?

Although the rest of the country didn’t seem to share my personal outrage at the Tamap affair in the last election.


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