Revisited – The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War …

Revisited – The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War in Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth, by William Clark, updated: Jan 2004

My God, why hasn’t his been fully reported in the mainstream media, and why do I have to keep stumbling on this stuff with random clicking of links.


I fully blame the demise of any real Current Affair reporting, it’s all tabloid journalism about unemployed welfare welchers and pregnant drug addicts, or feuding neighbours. What happened to real investigative journalism?


One Response to “Revisited – The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War …”

  1. opit Says:

    Have you been to Global Research to check out the resources there ? TomDispatch, Dissident, AlterNet,Common Dreams, Mother Jones,Truthout,Truthdig, even FMA7 all have collected essays that are worth study. Intelligence Daily and InterPressNetwork will give you food for thought.
    Have a look around the site. If you don’t see something worth reading a considerable fraction of the time I’m falling down on the job.
    BlogRolls are recommended reading. Daily Kos, Hullaballoo,TPM Cafe, BooMan Tribune – there are a lot of blogs trying to put the nutrition of knowledge on the table – many group efforts.
    Informed Comment by Prof Juan Cole is pretty much a Bible on the MidEast ( try Abu Aardvark also ) and he’s started a blog to complement his own blogging and make it more continuous commentary.
    Investigative journalism ? It’s not in the budget, mostly – McClatchey being pretty much the only exception.

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